Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shaun T Meet McDonald’s

I have started doing the insanity workout with Shaun T.  Since I have wanted to get in better shape, I figured I would start exercising.  I had not planned on doing the insanity workout though. Several people I know started doing it, only one is continuing the crazy, INSANE journey.

         I am a pretty very competitive person. Now, when someone tells me I can’t do something or won’t finish it……Guess what I will do it just to prove someone wrong. Whether I want to do it or not, that no longer matters!  So to sum it up, someone said that I wouldn’t ever start the insanity! Guess what….GAME ON! Plus just to step it up another notch. I’m going to eat whatever the hell I want to and still lose weight and get in shape.  Let the games begin.

         I am on day 2 of my workout. Today was a great workout. It is painful during the exercises and I want to slap the smiles off these crazy people on the DVD’s, but after I take a shower and eat something I feel great.

         On my way to work tonight I decided I would get my “carbs” in for the day and grabbed McDonalds. OH…MY….GOD! That was the best cheeseburger, fries, and snack size M&M Mcflurry I have ever had in my entire life. I worked my butt off for it.

So Shaun T you can kiss my bootiliscous booty because I’m gonna “dig deeper” and get an awesome body even with McDonald’s when I want!  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Musical Influence

I don’t know about you, but I like music. Music is a big part of who I am. I like to listen to all kinds of music and it varies on what kind of mood I’m in as to what I want to listen to.  I feel like sometimes I should have someone following me around carrying a boombox on their shoulder just so everyone knows what kind of mood I’m in.

         When I’m pissed and need an anger/better than that song. I will put on Eminem, Avril Lavigne, or something in that genre. I need something that I can pour my emotions in and get over how I’m feeling.

         If I’m excited and want the whole world to know it I will blare some Pitbull, Buckcherry, Katy Perry, Muse, etc.  Just having a good time. Love it!

         Well when I’m upset its Sara Ramirez,  Breathe, How to Save a Life, Runnin’ on Sunshine.  I’m not quite sure why some of them, but it just works.  Hehe.

         I love to listen to Nickelback, Journey, 60s, 70s, and 80s when I’m cleaning my house. Love it! Dancing around and singing and I could care less if anyone is watching. (p.s. I can’t sing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try.)

The point is I know I’m not the only one out there who relates to music and emotional influence of it. There is always a song out there you feel like could describe who you are, what you’re going through, or whatever kind of mood you’re in.  Music is amazing. I love Pandora and literally listen to it everyday. I am always looking for new songs and suggestions. Send me some new suggestions!

Tell me your favorite song/s! Would love to hear some new ones or even some oldies ;)  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Making of The Best Milkshake in the World


       As you get to know me more and more through my blogs, an important fact that you will start to notice is my absolute love for food. When I talk about food some people describe my sound effects as “I’m having an orgasm.” Not gonna lie if the food is that good I wouldn’t want to take away its joy of not having one.  Anyway, the point of this blog is to tell you how to make this strawberry wonderland milkshake.

         Now to add another note to this, I have to tell you that I didn’t make the milkshake myself. No, I didn’t technically order it either, but you know if your boyfriend/girlfriend offered you a milkshake, I’m pretty sure you would put in a quick “yes” also.  So,  the ingredients of this milkshake include…… I think that there was some ice cream and some milk and…… ok so I don’t know how to make this strawberry wonderland milkshake.  I need the directions how to make this. So if my boyfriend reads this I NEED to know how to make this magical drink. My readers agree with me. They need to know how to make this magical drink. (You don’t want to let them down now do you?)

            I just want to say Thank you in advance for the directions to the most amazing milkshake and Thank you for making it for me!