Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Cooking Memories

Well it sure has been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve had quite a few in my head to write but I have had no time between work and my kids to actually put them down on paper. I’m sure almost every one of you out there can completely understand that!

         It is that time of year again….Thanksgiving! I’m not sure where this past year has gone. It has flown by and so much has changed.  I absolutely love this time of year! 
Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends. All the decorations and  food preparation. Teaching my kids to cook. (the mess is definitely worth it and so is the memories we are creating!)

        Among the many things my kids and I were cooking today my daughter was making pumpkin pies and I was assisting her.  She had mixed all of the ingredients together and I had already taught her how to preheat the stove so that it would be ready to go when she finished prepping.  I went to give her the pie crust and the whole thing fell apart…LITERALLY. Can you say major fail. Her face completely dropped.  I told her no problem we would just go to the store and get another one. (Which might I add if it wasn’t for her sad face I never would have even considered taking on the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving) So I called my brothers to watch my other two boys while she and I braved the crowds, which actually wasn’t too bad. We checked out and headed home. Once we got home I ever so carefully took the top off the pie crust and set it in front of her to start filling with the pumpkin filling.  She filled both pie crusts up and I helped her put them in the oven and she set the timer. She did awesome and she was so proud of herself! She made one for her grandparents and one for us to eat!  I was proud of her too. I am so thankful for my kids, my family and my friends. I hope that each one of you have a wonderful and Happy  Thanksgiving!

P.S. That pic does absolutely no justice to the pile of crumbs that were actually in our pie tin and yes I know I could have mashed it out and actually made another pie crust, but she was set on it being the perfect pumpkin pie! I would never ruin that for her :)