Tuesday, February 26, 2013


         If you didn’t know it was really yucky weather today. Atleast where I live. I found this out when I left work today. It was cold and rainy, and rainy and cold. Did I mention it was rainy? It takes me between 50 minutes to and hour and a half to get home from work depending on traffic. That gives me a lot of time to kill. Dancing and singing in the car,  quietly listening to music, thinking about what I need to get done, and AM I THERE YET?

        Well it seems like everytime it rains it’s a Frogger buffet. If I lived farther south I could pick up dinner on the way home.  Well for some reason, whether it be sleep deprivation or not, I was really noticing the frogs tonight, and it made me think of the game Frogger I played when I was little.  Except, instead of me being Frogger, I got to drive the cars this time.  It seemed that all the frogs kept dying in the same spot of the game. Right when they made it halfway. I don’t know why they didn’t learn from the first 3,000 that died before them.  The point is to dodge the cars. I do try to avoid squishing a frog. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not gonna slam on breaks, swerve to the side or anything, just slightly slide over if I can. If not, than your loss.  I than thought that maybe the frogs didn’t realize the rules to the game and maybe thought they could squish us. Nonetheless, they were really losing this game. I swear I didn’t mean to hit that  one. (okay, maybe it was 30, but it really wasn’t my fault they were throwing their bodies in front of my car.) I felt like maybe I should take over the controller to help a few get to the other side. If they can’t make it across the road how are they supposed to finish the game by crossing the river? 

 Okay, this blog is really a little strange. Maybe I’m a little strange? Just thought I’d share.