Sunday, February 24, 2013

I’m NOT Stealing

          I’m moving from my current place of residence and relocating far, far away. (Which if you convert that; it might equal 6 miles away.)  I, like every other poor soul on earth despises moving. Really, who would enjoy that? Then again, you do find everything you never knew you had, and then lose it again by the time you get to the new place, and then forget all over again that you ever had it…….just saying.
          Anyway, I’m trying to get all my things packed up before I move. I am able to get boxes from my work that we would just throw away/recycle. (I’m really not sure what happens after I take them to the back room.) I have been working nights this week at work, which has allowed me to pack during the day, but hindered me in the fact that I have not been able to get that many boxes. I had run out of boxes on Wednesday, and decided since I didn’t have anymore I would take Thursday off from packing.  I went to work on Friday and my co-workers had saved me 1 whole box! Doesn’t get better than that! I went to the back to ask if I could get some before they threw them away/recycled. (still not sure what they do with them.) I was told that they had already been taken out. My luck is really bad.  One of the workers said they would set some aside for me Monday. I said thank you so much. A few minutes later the same person came and found me telling me that there were some boxes in the back that had been found and I could have them.  I dropped to my knees and kissed the feet of the great and powerful box finder! Yeah right!  (I really hope you didn’t believe that!) I said the person was extremely awesome and grabbed all my boxes. My co-worker and I went and grabbed all of our belongings and I grabbed my huge arm full of boxes before heading out.  I maneuvered out of the lounge, down the hall and elevator, and was heading toward the parking garage.  As my co-worker and I were getting closer to the door, I was telling her how awkward I felt walking out of work carrying something I didn’t bring in; I felt like I was stealing. She laughed and made a joke about making a run for it with my cardboard boxes. Just as we were about to hit the automatic doors that would take us into the parking garage, the doors froze not wanting to open all the way. It’s as if they heard my conversation and were playing a trick on me or they decided you can’t steal our cardboard boxes!!! Well I’m not stealing them so let me leave!!! I felt like Ross and Rachel on friends trying to make a fast get-a-way with a rolling desk chair trying to maneuver it out of a revolving door. Only it was nothing like, but let’s face it people it was totally like that in my head, and that’s what matters most. 

         She laughed at me as I maneuvered my boxes through the doors that didn’t want me to leave. Let me just say the doors are very rude and need to work on being more courteous. They only have two jobs. Open and Close----AUTOMATICALLY.  We then discussed that the doors often get confused when someone is coming and going at the same time and they don’t know whether to open or close or what to do. We have really creepy doors with very indecisive minds. My work might need to think about taking care of that. Well I am glad to say I finally made it out of work and to my car with my boxes that I did NOT steal. Anybody want to help me move?