Friday, March 29, 2013

6 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Give Kids Sugar Before Bed.

    #6. The energy increase they seem to get is beyond ridiculous. I mean how come I can’t have that kind of energy when I eat sugar.

    #5. The delirium of pure craziness/silliness almost makes it worth it. ( I mean it does put anyone in a good mood that is around them. Seriously they laugh at anything. Example: they thought the word whip cream was drop on the floor, can’t breathe hilarious.) Why? I don’t know, but apparently when they were laughing that hard it was an infectious disease to which I caught, but that’s not the point here.

     #4. When you ask them to do something like brush their teeth they can’t seem to comprehend what you tell them because the sugar has put a bubble around them making it impossible to concentrate. So don’t plan on accomplishing much in this department.

      #3. Who knew that they could run that many circles in a living room without getting dizzy or running into eachother.  (I will mention here that they are not normally allowed to run in the house, but as previously stated by reason #4 all crap goes out the window with sugar.)

     #2.Actually trying to get them to calm down……..hahahahahaha. Yeah Right!

     #1. You can’t be that stupid J

After about 4 hrs. you should be good to go. The sugar crash has officially kicked in and you have to muster up the energy that you can and get them to bed.  Now, being I have no idea about this from any personal experience (Shhhhh….), I can honestly say I wouldn’t recommend it!