Saturday, July 27, 2013

Profanity at the Pool

I received an unexpected day off from work because of a death in the family where I work so they closed for the day. It was a much needed day off. My kids and I were excited to go do something. We took a vote on what we wanted to do, and opted to go to a local pool that houses diving boards and water slides. (Not bad for where we live. Hahaha)

            The kids and I were swimming around in the pool and then they would take turns going down the waterslides. Just simply a gorgeous day! I kept hearing some teenage boys hollering and laughing and cutting up. Acting like normal teenage boys, but then one of them decided to drop the “F” bomb and then Sh*t, and so on, and so on.  I looked that way and he just thought it was funny and let out one more after one more. This is a family establishment, if you want to cuss on your own time, then that’s your prerogative, but when my kids and other children are around. You have no right to be using that kind of language. Respect people, its all about respect!  Don’t get me wrong I cuss occasionally. I have been trying to get better, but I definitely do NOT cuss in front of my kids.
            I got up and went to the nearest life guard and informed him of the incident that was occurring and he said he would take care of it. He blew his whistle and asked the boys to come over. He told them they had a “No Profanity” rule at the pool and if they knew it. They commented, “Sorry, I can’t read! Hahahahahaha!” He continued to explain to them that if they were to do it again that they would be ban from the pool for the rest of the season.  Then he sent them on their way to finish playing.  He told me that if I had any more problems to let them know. (I might add here that he called me Ma’am, which made me feel really old because I’m only 26 people!!! I know that wasn’t an important fact to ya’ll, but it was definitely part of the story and I didn’t want to neglect from telling you the entire story.)

            Anyway, beside that little incident, my kids and I had a blast!  The weather was beautiful, the water was the perfect temperature and spending time with my kids on an unexpected day off=Priceless!