Friday, February 22, 2013

Truly a Pleasure.....Only Not So Much

You know when you are car shopping and you find a car you like,  you start seeing the car EVERYWHERE? This is like that…in no way at all. I just wanted to tell that story. What I really want to tell you about is my odd experience my kids and I had at Wal-Mart the other day.

         My kids got A and A/B Honor Roll. I told them I would get them something special for doing so well.  We had just finished picking out their Skylanders for their Wii game.  Standing in line at the checkout a lovely elderly couple offered for us to go ahead of them. Trying to teach my kids patience, I told them they were fine and we could wait, but thank you so much for the kind offer. We were moving closer to the check-out counter when a gentleman got in line behind us. I guess trying to be friendly he started to strike up a conversation with my kids. He told them his son had the same Skylander game with a bunch of the characters but that his son never played it. Well to no surprise that definitely sparked my kids interest. They started rambling about which characters did he have, and so on. We were next to check-out so I told the kids to put their stuff up on the counter. The gentleman decided he would be funny and told the kids they could pay for his jean pants he was buying, to which they replied, “NO!” (Way to go kids J) He proceeded to tell me that he worked as an electrician/plumber/something/I wasn’t paying attention and he had bent down and ripped his pants clear up his butt. Yes, I needed the explanation of why you were buying pants, and more importantly my kids needed that explanation……ummmmm not so much.

          My youngest then decided to ask, “Can I see?” I shouted extremely fast, “NO!!!!!!!” My kids then decided to tell the gentleman that my youngest had ripped his pants before and 2 girls saw his underwear. They are talking about underwear with a stranger. Why didn’t I take the offer from the nice elderly couple to checkout before them?  Can this conversation get any longer? Yes, it can. They wanted to tell him how it happened, when it happened, etc. The lady at the cash register was finally ready to check us out. I was past ready to checkout. I told the kids to come on and stop talking. Lord, please make them stop talking. The cashier handed me my receipt and we were leaving. The gentleman said, “bye it was nice to meet ya’ll.”  I kind of pretended to ignore it.  I mean seriously, it was truly a pleasure to tell my kids you ripped your pants up your ass, and then continue a conversation about underwear. No that’s not weird at all. Yes truly a pleasure.......only not so much!