Sunday, August 18, 2013

Making the Fall

I love sports. Watching is great, but to be involved is so-much-better!!!  I used to play soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, and I even cheered. Anything active and sport related I loved.

We have to use microscopes where I work. Plus, on top of that we have to be able to keep ourselves sterile (clean) when we use them. In order to accomplish this I put on sterile microscope handles for us to be able to move and adjust the microscope while we are working.

At the end of doing each procedure under the microscope my fellow co-worker likes to take the sterile microscope handles off and throw them to see if people can catch them. I am known for catching 2 handles in 1 hand.  Well, that wasn’t making another guy at work look good. So he decides that he will catch 3 in his hand after the next procedure. I told him how are you going to catch 3 in 1 hand if you can’t catch 2 in 1 hand?  Yeah, he caught 1 out of 3. I couldn’t help but laugh. (I wasn’t being mean. Trust me, you would have laughed too!) He then looked at me and said alright you do it. I told him that after the next procedure I would do 3 handles in 1 hand. He said, “How about right now!” GAME ON! He chucked them at me….BAM, BAM, BAM. Everyone was laughing! That’s right I caught all 3 in 1 hand! What now! He told me that was easy and he could do it.

After the next procedure I decided to kick it up another notch. (said in my best Emeril voice) I lifted one leg and put my hand in between and was gonna catch 2 handles in 1 hand through my lifted leg. My co-worker said, “I have got to see this.” I was thinking Me too! Lol   Oh well, now or never no turning back. He threw the 1st handle and Bam I caught it. He started throwing the 2nd and it slipped and curved to my right. (My left leg was lifted) I knew I couldn’t put my leg down that would defeat the purpose of the whole leg lift catch, so I went for it. I twisted my ankle as I was reaching for it and fell down smacking my knee so hard on the door my big boss in another room could here and came in to see what had happened, but none of that mattered because even while I was flat on the floor. I had caught the handles and not 1 of the handles fell on the floor. I looked at the guy and told him, “don’t try to out-do me!”

I got up and reassured everyone I was fine. Everyone was laughing including myself because if I wasn’t laughing my butt would have been crying. Oh my word it hurt soooooo bad, but I wasn’t going to let anyone know that.

The next day was my day off which is weird, I don’t normally get those, but I am definitely not complaining. I returned to work the following day and everyone had heard the story and was asking me about it, but then the good news came. They had a message to pass onto me. I was asked to join the company softball team! That right that made it all worth it!

The moral of this story is if you get hurt its ok as long as you get to play on the softball team!