Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Take it Old School


     What happened to old school dating? What happened to the gentleman and the lady? From the guy holding doors to opening the car door. Bringing flowers for no reason and holding hands as they walk. Baking cookies for him just to let him know you care.

       Sometimes it seems like we have so much advancement today that we often overlook the small details. We overlook the simple things that matter most.  We have so much at our fingertips that I wonder if we get bored? Do we forget to show we care? I mean, seriously, you can open your computer and get a date or buy flowers or pretty much anything you can think about. So why not put away some of the modern advancement and just go old school.

     A simple foot massage goes a long way. A phone call just to see how the others day is going.  Leave a note with a compliment or just to say hi.  It doesn’t seem like much but it shows that you are taking time and you care.

     Take a walk downtown or somewhere you both like and just talk. Get rid of the electronics and just enjoy each others company. Find out something you didn’t know about the other.

     Grab a coffee and visit a bookstore. Talk about your favorite books, places you want to visit. Places you have been and would want to take the other.

     Go and pick a movie together and curl up on the couch with each other. Pop some popcorn and eat some candy. Make it movie night at the house sometimes.

My point is to get rid of the advancements-computers, phones, iPad's, Nooks, iPods, Blackberry, or whatever you may have. Take it back old school and just remember the small things go a LONG way.